Where It all started:

Hannah’s International Vision/Journey began when the Lord Called her to Island of Barbados her Freshman and Sophomore year of High school. It was there she found the passion and deep calling with in her for world missions. While there Hannah, with her church team set up VBS skits, puppet shows,  traveling to different schools every day and basketball camps in the evening for the youth and young adults. While there Hannah spoke and shared her testimony for the first time in front of a crowd of near 600 plus students.

During this 4 year period of her life. Hannah Felt a strong call on her life and received the full time calling of Full time ministry on her life.

In between international Mission Work Hannah felt the strong calling follow her even to her school grounds. Hannah Had the opportunity to leave her current school

and become part of a legacy as a brand new Highschool had just opened up.

She didn’t know at the time why the Lord was pulling her there but new the Lord had a divine will for her there. A new School, New Traditions, NEW EVERYTHING. God used Hannah to set these new traditions, memories, and more in stone for the school.

As the Lord Called Hannah to take part in these major decisions for the student body. She ran for her class office and won. Through this opportunity that she saw as an “Outlet for ministry” she ran backpack drives for Haiti, Collected toothbrushes and toothpaste for local clinics, and was took part in major projects with Second Harvest Food Bank, Special Spaces, Special Olympics, and many more.

She also had the opportunity to work with a lot of the children being adopted from Haiti, and spoke to the student body about the Love of God for these children.  The Lord then PROMOTED Hannah the following year to STUDENT BODY President, where she continued to lead the student body by direction of the Lord and carving out traditions, as well as working hand in hand with these charities and organizations to make a difference for her community.  After Graduation Hannah Was offered a Missions Intern position at her current church. While seeking direction and the Lord’s will over her life, Hannah gladly accepted. Through the internship the Lord showed her new things through Inner City Ministries. She got to work Hands on at Local Children’s programs daily. She also helped hands on with Children who’s parents had been in domestic violence situations, Delivering Food through Second Harvest and much more. That was truly a blessed year as the Lord again did huge things through this intern position again confirming the Lord’s call on her life. During this internship she also had the opportunity to go to Haiti. The Lord did huge things while in Haiti! And well the stories of the Lords love and miracles are just too many to count! A few months after returning to Haiti, God opened a door for Hannah to stay in an orphanage in Jamaica over the summer.


There she learned the ins and outs of running an orphanage, the special care it takes, and the sincere bond with these children! It was here the Lord put it on Hannah’s heart to care

for the orphans and the Fatherless and to one day build homes for these children to stay like this orphanage run by the love of the Holy spirit! And so Hannah knows God will open that divine door in His timing.

It was that summer of the Internship that Hannah Also met her Future Husband. Little did Hannah Know that a Missions intership and planning a recreational ministry event in a park in the inner city would lead Hannah to the man God had called her to continue doing ministry with.

She booked DJ Grand Mill to perform at an event they had been planning in the park for all the youth and adults in the are to join and attend. And God worked from there!

From then on they shared there dreams and visions given to them by God, and knew God’s joining them together was divine. They married and now continue to do the work of the Lord through there home church New Life Fellowship ( and traveling performing shows for the Lord, winning lives and saving souls for the Kingdom of God!




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