PERSONAL TESTIMONY:In 1990 a 7 Ib baby girl was born to Mark and Angela Scott. Before she was born however her Father, Mark, had a dream that Satan was going to try and take her life. After reading the story of the faithful prophet Hannah in the Bible,(1Samuel) her father had hope. Hannah in this story prayed continually that she would give birth to a child. Through her constant prayer and dedication to the Lord, he granted her this blessing. Mark then decided to name his daughter Hannah, in faith and prayer that the Lord would answer their prayers, and protect her from Satan’s plot of death. Her father prayed against this till the day she was born. Hannah was born healthy, and when her parents thought their worries were over, Little did they know that 3 years later she would be diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia, her fathers dream became reality,and cancer tried to take her life.

With constant prayer, radiation, chemotherapy treatments and faith in the Lord’s healing power. She was healed at the age of nine and defeated the Devil’s attack. That very same year she came to know the Lord as not only her great physician but her Lord and Savior, accepting him into her heart to stay forever.

From that day on, Hannah received constant promises of the Lord’s hand upon her life. She began following in the Lords call at a young age, doing her Father God’s work locally in her community, church, and school; as well as nationally, in Barbados, Haiti, and Jamaica.

In April of 2009 through prophetic prayer, God revealed the impact Hannah would have on young women throughout the world. With more prayer, pressing, and renewed faith in 2010, God has now given her the vision for this ministry, beginning with reaching out to women, children, and families.

Through work in the ministry and prophetic prayers over her life, the Lord began revealing to her her global mission outreach, that would begin with women’s ministry. Hannah has experienced both physical and emotional abuse through circumstances throughout her lifetime. She now has made it her mission to teach and free women dealing with bondage, and show them the Liberty that comes through the love of Christ.

Hannah is now working in her calling doing full time ministry, using the gifts and talents God has given her in writing, publishing, Makeup Artistry and more! Hannah is an Author, Speaker, and Makeup Artist. All of her books are by the anointed word given from the Lord. Hannah is blessed to be married to her wonderful husband, and recording artist, Terry Minor Jr.(DJ Grand Mill).

Hannah finds herself extremely blessed and loves the life that has been mapped out for her by living in obedience to the Lord and His calling upon her life. Hannah and her husband work and build doing full time ministry together to grow the Kingdom of God, and bring lives to Christ.

Hannah N. Minor

Ministry Founder, Makeup Artist, Author, Speaker