Enslaved Beauty

Enslaved Beauty has been made and formatted with a powerful word from the Lord. Made and predesigned for young women who are enslaved by the fleshly desires, addictions, and worldly views that can so often tear them down day to day. This word from the Lord is specifically spoken to these beautiful women who have been enslaved by the world and whom God has called in saying “its time to break free and show the world your true beauty in me”

This text was originally made for those hurting and suffering from prostitution, addictions, and those battling to overcome such encounters with abuse and neglect. However I believe this book speaks as a radiant light and encouragement to every woman looking to free the beauty God has created within them.

I ask you now to join with me in freeing the women in today’s society, and empowering them to be what Christ has intended. With your help, they can see this vision a little more clearer from day to day.



Chipped Away By My Maker

Instructions for every new season in life. With every new season brings change, this book will help walk you through this new time in your life. As you learn to resist the enemy, and walk towards Gods truth. This book is also recommended for those who are new Christians in their transition time. Be encouraged, and Know that God is right beside you the whole journey.